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We know how stressful life can be...

Between work, business  travel, family obligations, taking care of the kids, doctors  appointments, paying all those bills….oh yeah and keeping on top of your  nutrition & exercise...it's crazy!

The stress is coming at you from all directions but the big question is WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT!?

How  are you managing that stress?  If you're like most people you're  probably going to say something like "I'm NOT" or "Not very well!" and  that's probably not because you don’t want to - it’s because you don’t  know how!  

These days everyone has heard about yoga, stretching, massage, and mediation but who the hell has time for any of that?

Come join Heather Vaillancourt and Meghan Gould for a Friday Night Fun Session on the Anatomy of Stress and learn some  tips, tricks, and strategies for managing your stress daily.  

Snacks and drinks will be served so please RSVP! 

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WHEN: Friday Oct 5, 2018 at 5:30 PM – 7 PM

WHERE: 69 Main Street, Peterborough NH 

@ Monadnock Therapeutic Bodyworks

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If you're a police officer, firefighter, EMT or paramedic in the  Monadnock Region (or know someone who is) check out the workshop that Meghan Gould and Heather Vaillancourt have put together specifically to help you: 

-Release physical tension and stress.
-Boost your on-the-job safety.
-Increase your total body mobility.
-Generally keep you doing the thing you love to do for longer. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

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