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P.S. - July 2018

"I first began seeing Heather a few months ago for chronic pain. The pain  was originally due to a pinched nerve in my lower back that was later expanded to a need for a hip replacement. My back pain is now gone and my hip pain is at a  level that I can perform most normal functions while waiting for surgery. I truly believe that it was the massage and bodywork performed by Heather that has helped keep my pain in check. She is extremely talented and compassionate. If you are dealing with chronic pain of just looking to relieve some stress, I highly recommend that you call."

L.S. - July 2018

“Heather is by far one of  the absolute best massage therapists I have ever known - have been going for massages monthly for over 15 years and she is quite amazing. She finds every tight spot even if you didn’t know it was there!”

L.M. - July 2018

“Amazing! Simply amazing. I was introduced to Heather by my best friend. Cycling is a great activity but most definitely messes up my hips. Heather is a Miracle worker. She always gets me back to 100%. I’ve been seeing her every three weeks, and sometimes every 2 weeks for the past year.”

M.L. - August 2018

“One word: AMAZING. Ok, two words: THE BEST. Heather has treated my chronic cranky back for more than a year and has done one incredible job. She's professional, skilled, and just plain fantastic to be around. She's so good, I drive 2 hours one-way each month just to see her. Get an appointment soon because I have no doubt her calendar is going to become a full one!"

Doug Whitney - November 2018

"I first went to Heather during my training for the New York Marathon. I was having some pain in my hamstring and along my upper back. After the first session I saw marked improvement, and 80% of the pain was gone. Running was no longer uncomfortable. I continued with massage about twice a month through my training as well as post Marathon. It made such a difference that I took 15 minutes off my personal best time! I ran the entire 26.2 miles pain free! I used to think massage was more of a luxury, but I stand corrected. It made a world of difference to how I felt after exercise, and certainly assisted in making my Marathon experience much greater than I ever expected."

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